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Ray was born on 19th February 1957 in Hackney, London.
He's married to Elaine with 3 daughters. Ellie Rae the youngest and 2 older Lois and Jamie both are actresses.
Ray was a schoolboy boxing champion. Winning more than 80 medals and trophies.

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Welcome to Topps Ray Winstone Fansite!

Ive been a huge fan of Ray since I first saw him playing a character called Carlin during my cinema going days in Scum the hard and shocking story of life in a British Borstal for young offenders back in 1979.
Soon after i watched Ray in Quadrophenia playing a mod called Kevin based in the 1960's.
Less than a year later in 1980 I was more than hooked after watching Ray playing Kenny in the TV drama FOX which followed the lives of a small time East End gangster family in England.

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Twenty Six years later Im even more hooked especially as we now get to see alot more of Ray than we used to,
It seems to of taken a long time in my opinion for Ray to get the recognition he truely deserves.

Latest film news - The Sweeney - Fantastic news for The Sweeney Fans!
During Jonathan Ross's chat show on UK TV, Ray Winstone confirmed news that is sure to delight British movie fans: he will be reviving the legendary TV series The Sweeney as a feature film. The show, which ran in the 1970s, became "much-see TV" in England because it was the first crime drama that presented the London police force in a realistic manner.
The heroes were flawed men who tried to cope with violent crime on a day-to-day basis.
John Thaw starred as Inspector Jack Regan, the role to be taken on by Winstone. His fellow detective was played by Dennis Waterman.
Although the series had not been imported to the USA, its popularity in Great Britain was such that it spawned two successful feature films.
This is excellent news! I have all of The Sweeney episodes on DVD including Regan the movie, Ray is the perfect choice!

Ray a true legend as always visits our troops, read it here

The future..

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Have a look at what projects Ray has coming up!

Personally I cant wait, the more we see of Ray the better!

Apologies for lack of updates, i had lots of host problems then they vanished, but we are back with a new host and a new name!